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Since the Kh-32 has an inertial navigation system and a target seeker with a radio-radar station, it has an outstanding accuracy and does not rely on GPS/GLONASS data, Kornev explained.

The missile is expected to have a firing range of up to 1,000 km and reach speeds of no less than 5,000 kmh.

Wahlberg did tell , which deals with Boston’s response in the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombing, can’t be completely divorced from the political environment.

But at least one Hollywood A-lister claims he’s bowing out of the political game.

Undertaker, who retired following his loss to Roman Reigns at Wrestle Mania 33 last month,...

Leading scientists have claimed that our brains fill in “blind spots” in our field of vision by simply inventing information.

First of all, the newest missile will be aimed at destroying enemy warships, radar stations and targets that seriously distort radar signals for bombers, including bridges, military bases and power stations, military expert Dmitry Kornev said.

"After launch, a Kh-32 missile reaches an altitude of 40 km, and then it flies horizontally, approaches the target and attacks it from above," he explained.

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