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Kazakhstan avoided the wars and chaos which scarred other post-Soviet Republics, and gave up its nuclear arsenal – once the fourth-largest in the world.Though the country is located next to regions profoundly troubled by jihadist violence, Islamism has been kept under control.Following Nazarbayev’s congratulations, the pair discussed regional stability, and Trump reportedly “showed complete solidarity” with Kazakhstan’s “struggle for a nuclear-free world,” a position at odds with in countries like Japan and Saudi Arabia.On the president-elect’s end, Trump reportedly expressed optimism about future relations between Washington and Moscow – a move which, from Kazakhstan’s vantage, would bring nothing but relief to Astana.

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The FBI has found no improper communication between National Security Adviser Michael Flynn and a Russian diplomat, say U. The FBI intercepted and listened in on the call as part of “routine electronic surveillance,” officials told the Washington first reported that agents were reviewing the Flynn-Kislyak chat on December 29, though Trump officials initially said it took place the day before, on the 28th.

Flynn, then adviser to President-elect Donald Trump, spoke with Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak on December 29, the same day the Obama administration imposed a slew of sanctions on Russia for its alleged interference in the presidential elections.

Perhaps it was – but on a summer night in June, hundreds of dignitaries from around the gathered in the Norman Foster-designed Khan Shatyry entertainment centre in Astana to celebrate Nursultan Nazarbayev’s 70th birthday – his 19th in office as Kazakhstan’s unquestioned ruler.

Inside the museum that commemorates his life, there are soup bowls and wooden spoons from his parents’ modest home, his first typewriter, six telephones from his first office – and two entire rooms devoted to the gowns he wore when receiving honorary doctorates from universities abroad.

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