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Mobike's Mini Program is "摩拜单车" and Didi's is "滴滴出行Di Di".

(Also make sure you have the latest version of We Chat.) Since this feature has just launched, we aren't aware of any English Mini Programs yet.

Members exchanged information on cost, appearance, measurements, and even which specific sexual services they would provide.

Members of the group also had the ability to blacklist any sex workers that failed to abide by their rules.

This crackdown comes soon after popular car booking service Uber had its public account blocked for incentivizing the sharing of its posts.

There was a time when we used to use the native messaging feature on phones to send text messages to one another, but that is now a thing of the past.One good thing to come out of this is an expected decline in the typed-up ads for sexual performance enhancers, STD treatments, and other ads along the same vein.Public accounts found to be distributing content like this will be blocked for a week following the first violation, and blocked permanently after the four violations, Reuters reports.Last night, We Chat added a new feature that has the internet abuzz: Mini Programs.Essentially, Mini Programs are apps within an app -- that is, a light app that runs within We Chat.

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