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We have taken the time to honor these powerful women behind the players and shine light to their world. He was there celebrating with his family the night before he was drafted to the NBA. What is one thing you would want people to know about your world?

They took the time to tell us about their world and like Sherrice Douglas (married to Toney Douglas) expressed, “there is more to my world than meets the eye…” Where did you and your husband meet? It was the night before my first single was going to be released in stores. In our world, the guys have an obvious connection that everyone gets to see, live and on TV, it’s magical. We are each other’s support systems and extended families.

The deal was followed later on Wednesday by the Suns reaching agreement on a four-year, million contract with free agent guard Goran Dragic, according to sources.

While Beasley has been dogged by bouts of immaturity throughout his four-year career, the Suns are not scared off by his reputation and instead are fond of him as a player and a person, sources told ESPN The Magazine's Chris Broussard.

And Evans is excited to put what he's learned to work in the NFL.Especially before the big game tonight against the Knicks.And it looks like Bron brought along one of the juices from Savannah's new The Juice Spot business. Michael Beasley carried his cute youngsters out of his b-day party and gave one of the kiddies kisses before getting in the car. And while most players brought their wives/significant others along, D-Wade flew solo.In 2014, Evans was named a first-team All-Big 12 selection."I looked at it as an open door and an open opportunity for me," Evans said of his unique path, "and I took it and it came out successful." Today, Michael Beasley plays for the Miami Heat of the NBA, and Evans is getting ready to play for the Philadelphia Eagles.

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Our eyes met and then on the way out he grabbed my hand and introduced himself. He told me he was getting drafted and I told him, “drafted? We support each other’s careers, champion each other’s causes, celebrate births, mourn the loss of loved ones, shoulder the blows of a tough loss, an injury, a trade and do whatever it takes to keep the “family” happy and the ball rolling.

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