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You can also take a psychometric assessment test called "Affinity".

Although the results are never completely accurate, I do like having these extra resources to compliment each profile. - You then complete your profile by adding a personal statement, along with a photo if you wish.

by Jason Tudor Billed as the largest online dating site for UK singles, Dating Direct has more than 5 million members in Britain alone, and are making a push into the international arena with a redesigned site and a good assortment of extra features.

Dating Direct profiles are easy to start, having only a few initial questions asking about your marriage status, number of kids, and physical appearance.

You will be asked for details of your name, age and location, and then you will be asked to describe your personal... In 2008 we are still together and expecting another baby.

Being on my own for some time now and as my children are grown up and have lives of their own I began to think what can I do with myself now and also I felt lonely. Two of my cousins also met the partners that they married through online dating sites, and a colleague at work met their partner through one...

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