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The skies are grey, the streets are greasy, and after three nothing-spared episodes of murder, drug abuse, rape, suicide, family breakdown, drunkenness and abduction, the beating up of a woman police sergeant in the BBC’s new crime drama could almost be seen as a spot of light relief.

Her major television appearance includes in TV series Everwood in 2003, where she appeared in the character of Madison Kellner in 20 episodes of the series.

Earlier in the run, viewers saw Sgt Catherine Cawood, played by popular small-screen actress Sarah Lancashire, fall into the road, her face bloodied and swollen after being attacked in a basement.

Mediawatch UK, a pressure group that campaigns for stiffer broadcasting regulation, condemned the episode as “dehumanising”, and last week suggested it was part “of a worrying trend depicting gratuitous violence, often against women.” Ms Lancashire, 49, who made her name as mouthy barmaid Raquel Watts in Coronation Street, counters that the show is: “dark, funny and human,” although she also let slip to the Radio Times that she hadn’t actually seen it.

Synopsis: Sarah Lancaster is best known for her role in the movie The Judge and the television series Everwood.

Early Life: Sarah Lancaster was born on February 12, 1980, and her birth place is Overland Park, Kansas, United States.

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