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Participated in the annual Drambuie Pursuit in Scotland.

The Drambuie Pursuit takes place once a year and includes an archery contest on the first day and then a second day that includes kayaking, a castle run, boating, mountain biking, rock-climbing, rafting, cross-country biking, off-road buggy racing and canoing.

TIL that nearly all vultures in India have died due to eating corpses of animals recently treated with the drug diclofenac.

In a butterfly effect, there is now a major rabies problem, with an annual cost of US billion per year.

He says, "My problem is I don't go to any clubs in LA.

[ There are some SERIOUS perks to having Courteney Cox as your mom!

Here's the full text of his long, meaningful, touching message (below): Justin Bieber is untouchable right now!

He may give you real chlamydia, but definitely not chlamydia of the ear!

Under the new pact, Paper Kite, which Poehler co-heads with Brooke Posch, has landed the first big commitment of the 2016 network buying season — a pilot production commitment from NBC for scripted comedy showrunner Craig Di Gregorio based an an idea by Scott and Poehler.

It stars Scott as as the youngest male in an organized crime family of all women.

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