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Relationship stages in your love life Relationships, just like life, have their own stages.

You can also use the timeline to check when you should start holding hands with your significant other, update social media relationship statuses, meet each other’s family and friends, and first get undressed with the lights on in front of one another (if it’s only been a month, keep those switches turned off, ladies.) A spokeswoman for said that we’re often reassured by hearing about the progress of others’ relationships, and that their findings can be used for that reassurance as well as help us to adjust our expectations if we’re not on schedule.

In honor of February being Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month, it seems like a good time to shed light on the issue of teen dating relationships.

It’s a startling reality that 1 out of 3 adolescents will experience physical, sexual, or emotional abuse from a dating partner, and only one-third of them will tell someone else about it.

Lots of things about being in a real, serious relationship scare me. Monica has to explain to him that they didn't break up at all — they'd just gotten into a fight.

Monica gets (understandably) pissed, so Chandler assumes they broke up, freaks out even more and decides the only way to recover is by proposing to her.

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