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Talented and skillful, Tenitra, who is also known by her nickname Mi Chelle My Belle, was born as Tenitra Michelle Williams in Rockford, Illinois, United States of America to African and American parents. Though Tenitra is one of the successful singers in the world, she has not been involved in any kind of affairs yet.

At the end of 1999, when she was in the lobby of an Atlanta hotel she was encountered by Beyoncé and Kelly Rowland and she became associated with their R&B girl group Destiny's Child since 2000.

The friends are probably Brooklyn-y, is what I’m saying. Regardless of who the friends are, the important thing is that Williams and Foer met, and a romance sprang out of the earth like a goddang kale plant. ) quotes some “insider” familiar with the couple, who says, “I’m not surprised that Michelle is attracted to him.

And I know the insider doesn’t mean, like, reading stop signs or whatever, that they’re talking about books. The reasoning that Michelle Williams is dating Jonathan Safran Foer because she loves books is really only one step away from “If you love that book so much (which you read every day) then why don’t you marry it? Michelle Williams, beloved indie queen of cinema who apparently has walls “made of books” in her apartment, and Jonathan Safran Foer, one of the noble Jonathans of American literature who hasn’t gone cranky/crazy about birds or whatever yet (though, he’s upset about animals in general), are dating.

She studied criminal justice at Illinois State University before dropping out to pursue her first love. She was hired as a backup singer for R&B star Monica for a tour.

Before long, Williams reached new heights of musical success.

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